With the rapid accumulation of social wealth in China, innovative and leading consulting services are constantly launched on the basis of how to achieve efficient philanthropy and public welfare: charity path consulting, public project operation consulting and volunteer service consulting
Approach to Philanthropy
We help our clients to embark on their philanthropy journey by offering suggestions on approach to philanthropy, tailoring a philanthropic structure and helping them with positioning and long-term plan. We help them grow hand by hand throughout the process.
Foundation at Start-Up Stage
We help foundations at start-up stage with registration and strategy planning, and offer temporary secretarial service and internal training Registration: we help them with documents for application, set-up of board of directors, conference organization, and communication with registration authority. Strategy planning: we help foundations with strategic positioning, governance structure and operation procedure. Temporary secretariat: we offer temporary secretarial services regarding business, operation and governance of the foundation at the initiate stage. Internal training: we offer training to upgrade the staff’s capacity and professionality, and tailored programs for secretary-generals and execution teams.
Special Funds
We offer information about the procedure of setting up special funds, suggestions on selecting and communicating with trustees, drafting application documents and regulations, supervising the establishment procedure, and we also help with other affairs in this period and daily management.
Application for Establishing Charitable Trust
We offer information about the procedure of setting up a charitable trust, and help with model design, application, and selection of and cooperation with trustees.


Project Operation
We provide targeted and valuable solutions for enterprises, foundations, families and individuals, and we achieve maximum outcomes through resource integration, project management, advertising, crowdfunding, etc.
Pre-Project Research
Researching related area before a project helps us formulate more feasible and valuable plans. To this end, we analyze the causes of social problems, search for potential solutions and gather information about related policies, best practices, beneficiaries and roles of related parties, so as to put forward the best strategies and plans for our clients.
Project Planning and Networking
Based on pre-project research, we give full play to the clients expertise and resources and map out a whole plan that can lead to the best social benefit and high public engagement. On the other hand, since we uphold synergy instead of playing a lone hand, we connect organizations with same goals and of high complementarity to solve the problems with higher efficiency.
Project Management and Supervision
We manage and supervise projects for our clients. For projects engaging multiple parties, we offer effective guiding tools to solve problems during the process and to keep them on the designated path.
Advertising & Branding
Public engagement is an integral part of promoting philanthropy. Therefore, we involve public engagement in project design. We leverage media and crowdfunding platforms to affect more targeted audience and to provide more opportunities for the public to engage in philanthropy.
Program Outcome and Impact Assessment
Program evaluation presents an important opportunity for the institution to reflect on its experience and to identity the values and highlights of the program. Employing the tools that best suit a program’s scope and approach, we provide formative and summary assessments for the philanthropic program. Not only can we identify methods of measurement and indicators of impact in the design stage, but we can also monitor the program’s implementation and conduct comprehensive evaluation after its completion. We can also do impact assessments for completed programs based on their objectives and needs.
Voluntary Service
We set up platforms for volunteers to meet professional organizations and people with same vision. Both organizations and volunteers are empowered during the process. As a result, voluntary service is upgraded and optimized, and volunteer spirit spread.
Volunteer Management System
We design sustainable voluntary service systems for our clients according to stake holders’ situation, and the enterprises’ culture, characteristics, structure etc. A scientific volunteer system guarantees the sustainability of volunteer service.
Volunteer Daily Management
We design training programs and incentive mechanisms for volunteers and offer our clients management tools that cover capacity building , standards, data management, volunteer performance assessment, etc., to optimize the operation of the organizations and the management of the volunteer system.
Volunteer Service Brand Planning and Project Implementation
Our nationwide network of philanthropy enables us to provide bespoke branding strategies and voluntary projects, and our abundant media resources and strong ability of telling stories enable our clients to expand their projects’ influence.