Initial stage foundation consultation service

Post-Project Assessments for China Three Gorges Foundation


- China Three Gorges (CTG) Corporation established its foundation in 2016 – a step in the top-level design and strategic plan of the Corporation’s philanthropic undertaking. After its establishing, the Foundation decided to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the Corporation’s major philanthropic projects in order to generate insights for the Foundation’s future project funding and management. CCiA’s work included the assessments of two of the Corporation’s projects – the CTG-funded Zigui County Three Gorges Project Hope Primary School built in 2009, and the relocated Chongqing Fengjie Occupational Education Center. The assessments involved the evaluation of the projects’ social impacts, influence models and development needs.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Conducted research for the two projects respectively, including desk research, questionnaire surveys for teachers, field research, interviews with teachers, students, government officials and experts, etc.; summarized the research and formulated assessment reports. 

- Advised the Foundation on how to further invest in the two fields based on the situations of the two schools, the analysis of the problems of county-and-township basic education and occupational education in Mid- and West China, and the analysis of existing best practices and the schools’ needs.