Initial stage foundation consultation service

Conservation & Environmental Grants China (CEGC)


- Conservation & Environmental Grants China (CEGC) has been Ford China’s strategic philanthropic program. However, 12 years after its launch, the program was facing multiple challenges: rigid program model, decreasing influence, lack of employee participation, lack of relevance with regard to stakeholders, etc. As the Chinese market became larger and more important, Ford China wished to revamp the project to get stakeholders better involved and to further improve the brand’s popularity.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Responsible for CEGC since 2012; revamped the model of CEGC; designed and implemented CEGC since 2012. 

- Formulated a five-year plan for CEGC and planned for its upgrade twice; increased the project’s influence year by year, by organizing grants to better support environmental charity organizations from 2017 to 2019.

- Operated “Ford Better World” WeChat public account, and facilitated media tours of NGO projects.

- Established the “Environmental Protection Funders’ Information Sharing Mechanism” in which major domestic environmental funders participate, and published the first “Review of the Working Fields of Environmental Protection Charity Organizations in China” in 2016; by 2020, 12 environmental protection funders have joined the Mechanism, and the Review has been published annually.

- In 2020, collaborated with short video platform Kwai and organized the CEGC 20th anniversary special event – the Wildlife Protection Short Video Competition (Project Wildness); Project Wildness achieved a total view of 2.1 billion.