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HSBC Volunteering in Community


- As the CSR pioneer and leader among foreign banks in China, HSBC hoped to encourage its employees to make positive changes in their communities and to respond to the communities’ needs. HSBC wished to erect a new model of community building in which corporate employees’ volunteer services play an important role.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Designed the nationwide, brand-based, large scale volunteer service program“HSBC Volunteering in Community,” based on HSBC’s needs and characteristics. Focusing on community service, the program empowers volunteers and supports charity organizations through funding. The program has served 46 places where HSBC branches or village/township banks are located.

- Since its launch in 2014, the program has been carried out for years. Led by CCiA, more than 100 philanthropic partners have joined the “HSBC Community Volunteer Service Alliance.” The Alliance helps build channels of employee volunteer services. It has made HSBC employees’ regular volunteer services possible and sustainable.

- Via internal and external promotion, the influence of “HSBC Volunteering in Community” has been increasing. The project has been highly praised by stakeholders like communities, media and regulatory institutions, and has won multiple corporate volunteer service awards in the industry.

We design sustainable voluntary service systems for our clients according to stake holders situation, and the enterprises culture, characteristics, structure etc. A scientific volunteer system guarantees the sustainability of volunteer service