Initial stage foundation consultation service

Management Consulting for Sanofi Volunteer Program


- One of the top three in pharmaceutical industry, Sanofi has engaged in volunteer work in China for ten years. Sanofi’s volunteer projects across the country have performed well in employee participation, partners collaboration and project sustainability. However, there are also problems such as uneven performance across different regions, unsophisticated activity design, lack of good management, etc.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Assisted Sanofi in sorting out its volunteer projects all over the country; helped Sanofi adjust and improve those projects so that they could better serve the company’s CSR goal and demonstrate the unique value of Sanofi’s philanthropic brand.

- Designed standardized volunteer project management processes; assisted Sanofi in the daily management and supervision of volunteer projects across the country so that project management could become more regular, scientific and effective.

- Developed volunteer incentive mechanisms; organized the company’s first “best volunteer”contest, which effectively facilitated sharing and communications among volunteer teams across the country and boosted employee morale.