Initial stage foundation consultation service

Feasibility Study of the Toyota China Youth Traffic Experience Base


- GAC-Toyota’s donations to Bo’ai Primary School were mainly hardware facilities. As social demands and the philanthropic landscape changed, rural primary schools’ demand for hardware donations had decreased. To better achieve educational objectives and help rural primary schools cultivate talents, more attention should be paid to the improvement of rural teachers’ capabilities.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Comprehensively analyzed the needs of rural teachers’ training and development through desk research, questionnaire surveys for teachers, and interviews with principals, while focusing on schools donated by GAC-Toyota.

- Comprehensively analyzed the landscape of domestic rural teachers’ training, including the government's National Training Program and its problems, the innovative practices of educational NGOs, and corporate involvement in rural teachers’ training, etc.; analyzed the content and form of training, the selection of trainers and trainees, and the impact of training; advised on the teachers’ training at GAC-Toyota Bo’ai Primary School.