Initial stage foundation consultation service

China Merchants Foundation (CMF)


- In 2009, the China Merchants Group registered the establishment of a nationwide private foundation – the China Merchants Foundation (CMF) – at the Bureau of Civil Affairs. The Group hoped CMF would make a breakthrough in poverty alleviation through the effective management of philanthropic funds and help build up the corporate image that the Group is socially responsible. However, CMF faced two daunting challenges. Firstly, poverty is a very complex issue and therefore it was unclear how corporate foundations could effectively get involved. Secondly, since the foundation was just established and its secretariat lacked personnel, it faces difficulty managing projects and building its basic institutions.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Established CMF’s framework for poverty alleviation through a “three steps” plan.

- Acted partly as CMF’s secretariat; planned and implemented CMF’s first philanthropic program, which established the first poverty alleviation innovation award in China.

- Invited experts to identify, study, and promote innovative models of rural poverty alleviation.

- Assisted in an art exhibition about poverty alleviation innovation, and facilitated public participation in poverty alleviation.

- Elevated CMF to a leader in poverty alleviation.