Initial stage foundation consultation service

Amway Charity Foundation “Power of 5” Program Upgrade Consultation (2018)


- In 2016, Amway Charity Foundation introduced into China the global “Power of 5” program to inherited the Chunmiao Nutrition Kitchen program. “Power of 5” served as an attempt to further delve into the nutrition and health issues in China. Two years later, in 2018, given the evolving landscape of poverty alleviation and the challenges and opportunities that had emerged in its practice, the forward-looking Foundation decided that it wanted to continue focusing on nutrition and health, and that “Power of 5” required an upgrade.

•CCIA’s services and results

-Conducted program review and stakeholder research, and prepared program status report.

- Assisted in organizing workshops to prepare for the project upgrade.

- Prepared project upgrade proposal (including five-year development plan and specific action plans), and recommended potential partners to cooperate with.