Initial stage foundation consultation service

GPHL Foundation Strategic Planning and Registration Consultation


- A well-known pharmaceutical group with 1 listed company and 30 subsidiaries, Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Holding Limited (GPHL) has been spending generously on philanthropy. GPHL wished to set up a corporate foundation to effectively manage its philanthropic funds, clarify its philanthropic goals and pathways, and improve the image of its philanthropic brand.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Assisted in clarifying the Foundaiton’s strategic positioning, governance structure and operational framework.

- Assisted in the Foundation’s registration (full name “Guangyao Baiyun Mountain Foundation,” registered successfully at the Dept. of Civil Affairs of Guangdong Province, with an initial fund of 2 million RMB).

- Improved and upgraded the household expired medicine recycling program, which became the Foundation’s strategic program.

- Helped the Foundation connect with experts, nonprofit partners, government agencies, and international organizations in relevant fields; helped create the Foundation’s philanthropic resource repository.