Initial stage foundation consultation service

“Suishouji Special Fund” Consultation Service


- Well-known Chinese unicorn company Suishouji Tech has been engaging in philanthropic work since its establishment. In 2018, the company hoped to manage its philanthropic programs through professional and standardized means, encourage its users to participate in philanthropy more effectively, raise the level of transparency in nonprofit financial management, and increase the brand’s philanthropic impact.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Selected, recommended, and contacted proper foundations to cooperate according to Suishouji’s needs.

- Assisted in sorting out philanthropic program and partners, clarifying the direction of the special fund.

- Assisted in preparing documents for setting up the special fund, including assembling managing committee, designing managerial structure and system, and preparing grant agreement. 

-Achieved the goal of setting up “Suishouji Fund” at China Foundation for Development of Financial Education in 2018.