Initial stage foundation consultation service

Wildlife Protection Short Video Competition Project


- While the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the world in 2020, the protection of wildlife gained attention among the Chinese public. As the 20th anniversary of Ford China’s Conservation and Environmental Grants China (CEGC) Awards approached, a special event was needed to facilitate more public participation in environmental protection and to further improve the social influence of the Awards.

•CCIA’s services and results

- Designed the project.

- Recommended and contacted platforms to cooperate with, institutions to initiate the project, and expert advisors.

- Assisted in the operation of the 2020 Wildlife Protection Short Video Competition (i.e. Project Wildness).

- In collaboration with Wild China Film and the short video platform Kwai, CEGC launched its 20th anniversary special event – Project Wildness. In total, 105 environmental protection organizations, Nature Reserves, and environmental protection film-making institutions submitted 902 short videos to the competition, and the Project achieved a total view of 2.1 billion.