Initial stage foundation consultation service

Cadillac G7 Highway Project


- In 2017, Cadillac became not only the fastest growing brand in the luxury car sector in China, but also the leader of the Tier 2 of luxury cars. In order to further expand its market share in China and enhance its brand influence, in 2018, Cadillac intended to launch a philanthropic project to give back to the community and to support the sustainable community development. 

•CCIA’s services and results

- Designed the G7 Highway project, built a cooperation platform, and monitored the project’s implementation.

- Promoted the G7 Highway project online; advised on and supported online fundraising.

- Designed and assisted in the events in which dealers participated.

- Designed and assisted in the events in which celebrity endorsers participated.

- Cadillac was among Top 2 in Tencent's “99 Giving Days” Corporate Charity List for three consecutive years.

- The “G7 Highway” brand gained its initial success, winning the national “Focus on Forrest 20th Anniversary” Enterprise Award 2020.