Initial stage foundation consultation service

Lenovo Venture Philanthropy Series


- As Lenovo’s iconic philanthropic program, Venture Philanthropy integrates social needs and Lenovo’s innovative spirit while constantly generating new forms and contents: Lenovo Youth Venture Philanthropy Program in 2009-10, Micro-philanthropy Competition in 2011, new focus on educational ICT in 2013-14. The series program is the result of Lenovo’s 2007 CSR Strategic Plan, tailor-made by CCiA, who has also been responsible for planning and supporting the program over the years. 

•CCIA’s services and results

- Provided annual plan and daily consultation for the program; invited partners and judges; planned and organized public engagement, designed and carried out capability building activities, and advised on and supported program communications.

- Through successful social marketing, “Lenovo Youth Venture Philanthropy Program,” “Lenovo Micro-philanthropy” and other Venture Philanthropy programs gained profound impact and became one of the most influential and innovative philanthropic brands in China. They have effectively led millions of young people into philanthropy practices, helped them pursue their dreams and experiment with innovative ideas. CCiA’s consultation and support helped build a strong basis of professionalism and credibility for the series program.